Google Duo Vs FaceTime

After the First webcam developed by a Cambridge University student in 1991, video calls came into the market and after some years of crucial development, it became a day to day activity. The uses of video calling range from business to individual level. Most businesses or individuals like us use video conferencing to save time. Well, that’s where google duo, FaceTime, and other alternatives come in. There are tons of alternatives are available for FaceTime and google duo but they are more in this area.

Google duo vs FaceTime

However, still many times people get confused, whether to use Google duo or apple FaceTime? Are you one of them?

Well, I promise you that by the end of the article, your all confusions will be cleared and you will be able to choose between google duo and Apple FaceTime.

Google duo

Google Duo

So first let’s talk about Google duo. Google duo is one of the best video conferencing app that works across both iOS and Android platforms. It comes pre-installed in Android devices and it has crossed the huge number of billion downloads on play store. It is straightforward and free to use, it’s minimalist user interface makes it easy to use.

Additionally, you can now call all your family members and friends because google duo recently updated its group calling limit to 12.

You can also use Google duo for regular calling, You just have to search s contact and hit the audio call button to make a call, it’s that simple. I prefer to use Google duo rather than sim card calling and the reasons are fantastic voice quality. other apps eat data faster than any hungry dog eats dinner, for voice calling too, but here, the case is different, google duo doesn’t consume a lot of data and it’s reliable.



FaceTime is a video calling platform developed by Apple. Apple developed this app as an open standard, which means it is available for various platforms. However, in reality, only Apple users have access to FaceTime. Apple has kept the price as low as 99 cents to encourage Apple users to choose FaceTime over any other video calling app, even if it is limited to Apple users.

There are two ways to use the FaceTime app when you make a call to an iPhone user you can just directly dial his/her number but when you make a call to iPod,iPad touch, or Mac user you will have to use email id.

One of FaceTime’s many features is that when you make receive a call on your Mac devices, it will ring on all of your Mac devices so you can reach to the whichever device is closest. Not everyone likes that, In such a case, you can always turn off this feature from settings.

Key Features


Let’s talk about availability first. So as we might except, FaceTime is only available for apple devices, Whether it is an iPhone or Mac, as long as it is an Apple device, FaceTime is available for you. unfortunately, Facetime for Window or Pc version is not available. On the other hand, google duo is available for most of all the platforms.

User interface:

Google duo and FaceTime both are trying to keep the video calling as simple as possible. They are mainly focusing on video calling and with no unnecessary features to get in the way, that’s they are giants in this area. You can make a call with a single tap, with a couple of buttons on the screen to reverse the camera, mute, and cut the call for both good duo and FaceTime.

Call quality:

Google - Duo - Video - Quality

When it comes to voice quality it mostly depends on an internet connection. But when we tested both the apps with the same connection. FaceTime’s voice quality eas just amazing, video quality was high and clear, I didn’t witness any lag issues but in google duo, I faced some lagging issues.

Group calling:

Both google duo and FaceTime allows group call, knowing it’s software and hardware apple’ FaceTime lets you add 32 people in a group call. While on the other hand, you can make a group call with 12 people on Google duo. Clearly, both of them are providing what they are promising.


FaceTime serves a single purpose to video or voice call to others but google duo has the ability to send text, voice, and video messages along with voice and video calling. But since you can perform all this using iMessage you are not missing anything.


Talking about privacy, no one will be ever able to snoop into your call since both google duo and apple FaceTime encrypt your calls completely.

Special effects:

Do you love special effects? FaceTime lets you access a lot of special effects and filters with live animojis. No one can beat FaceTime in special effects.


want to block a person on google duo? want to turn of knock known? just go to the setting within the app itself to make any changes. but things are different for facetime. to make any modification you must take a long trip to the setting app. google duo also has some additional features like low light mode and limit the data uses which are not present in FaceTime.

Other Features:

As I told you earlier, both apps are mainly focusing on video calling, however, we can’t fail to mention the Google duo’s feature called “knock knock” that allows you to see your caller before receiving the call. We talked about FaceTime’s feature earlier.


 If you are not an Apple user, google duo may be the only option for you. Besides, if most of your friends and family members are android users, it is also ideal. Google Duo is cross-platform and that’s what makes it stand out. Both have their own different pros and cons. Hence this was all about Google Duo vs FaceTime. In the end, we want to say that you are the one who has to choose that satisfies your needs. We hope that this article helped you to clear your confusion. Thanks for reading.