FaceTime For Android: Best Alternatives For Facetime

FaceTime is amongst the most loved ios software that offers ios users the high definition video calling to other users having an iOS device. It wasn’t the first app to provide video calling feature but it may be one of the most well known and widely used app, and due to its popularity many times android user finds themselves wondering if they can use FaceTime on their android phone, so you one of them wondering people or you are shifting to android, this article is for you.


Can You Use The FaceTime App On Android?

FaceTime and other android video calling apps use the same functionalities of voice, video, and networking so they could be compatible in theory.

But in practice, to create a compatible version of FaceTime that would work in android, the developers need to break into apple’s end to end encryption and since apple is not open source, developers probably won’t be able to make it.

Many times android users search for FaceTime in google play store and they end up finding many other alternative apps. However, the application is only available for ios users. So an android user can not make a FaceTime call.

There are websites that claim to download facetime apk for android, and Facetime for PC, but sadly, none of them works. 

Fortunately, there are many great alternatives to FaceTime that works very well on both platforms. While these alternatives don’t recreate user experience, but still everyone can video call to everyone else and android users can have FaceTime like experience. So it’s a win-win deal.

We have listed the best 6 best alternative apps to FaceTime, all of them are mainly focusing on video calling But all the apps have a few different features. you might choose that meet your requirements.

Alternatives To FaceTime For Android

1. Google Duo

Google Duo

Currently, Google duo is the only app that can compete for head to head with FaceTime. Good duo’s plus point is that it is available on ios and Android both platforms.

At present, It allows group calls of 12 people. Additionally, it has some extra amazing features such as knock know which allows you to see the caller even before picking up the call, video messages in case if the person you are calling isn’t receiving, HD video calling any many more.

The best part is that it is easy and It is such a simple video calling service that you only have to open the app and enter the name of the person and it will launch a call.

2. Whatsapp


We don’t need you to introduce to WhatsApp whether you are ios users or android users. As we all know Whatsapp is most popular for text messaging and it also supports video calling.

Whatsapp is the best alternative to FaceTime because almost everyone has. Since every activity such as calling and texting you perform on WhatsApp is encrypted, it is secure too.

And if you are worried about data consumption, WhatsApp got you here too. You can control your data used from settings, you just need to turn on ‘Low Data Uses and it will reduce video quality to reduce data uses.

3. Skype


Skype is known for its stability, reliability, and popularity. The main concept is video calling for the app, but it also offers to send text messages, files, and screen sharing.

Skype is supported around a wide range of devices from android to ios, windows to mac, it is also supported on some smart TVs and gaming consoles.

Though the app is free to use but you have to pay for the call you make to landline, international, Mobile numbers.

The only downside is that the official app has been always buggy, though overall experience is positive. You will never face big issues unless your phone and internet connection are good.

4. Tango


Tango is one of the old video calling applications, that offers full-fledged text chat, video chat, and voice chat. The app is easy to use and free but there are some in-app customization features you can purchase, they are totally optional.

You wanna talk with your friend and he/she is not on tango? no worries. There is an inbuilt feature within app that allows you to text or email your friends to bring them on Tango.

Tango developers are not only focused on video calling but Even since it is social media too, they are trying to make it perfect day by day. So if you are looking for a combo of Social media and video calling too, This is your thing.

5. Google hangouts

google Hangouts

Google Hangouts offers video calling service along with real time texting.

It is a cross platform that is also integrated with Google’s other services too.

Normal users can video call up to 10 people at the same time while business and educational users can add up to 25 people at a time.

It works internationally and you can use it to call other Hangouts users for free. The only downside is that it would be a little difficult for new users to start with hangouts.

6. Viber

Viber is another application that is providing video calling features for so long now. At the start, the app was just for voice calling but then they upgraded to a place where everyone can make video calls, send texts and stickers, play inbuilt games.

Viber is a completely crowded place, Currently, it has over 280 million users worldwide and allows us to add 250 participants in a group call. Viber to Viber call is free but landline and mobile calls are paid and the app also has some in-app purchases features.

The only downside is there is no way to communicate to the user outside the Viber. However, a Clean and responsive user interface makes it different from other apps. It is a strong alternative to FaceTime.


Thus, This is was our best 6 picks though everyone has a different test you can pick from other alternatives available in the market such as line and IMO. Everything depends on what you like and what your friends use, they use Skye? It is easier to install and get them there. So, clearly there is no winner here. I hope you liked this article. Thank you for reading.