Free Download Facetime For Windows 10/8/7

Looking to download facetime for pc?

We have written a step by step guide to download facetime for windows and mac pc. Just follow along !!

What Is Facetime?

Facetime is a video calling app specially made for macOS and iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. The Facetime app is free, all you need is an internet connection and you are good to go.

FaceTime for windows

If you have an iOS device or macOS then through Facetime App you can video call anyone across the world. Moreover, Facetime provides great video quality experience with addition to various features. But you need to know that FaceTime is only available to Mac and iOS devices and if you do not have one you will not be able to use it. There is no official application of Facetime app for computers. Although, there are many alternatives for it and an unofficial method to download facetime app for your pc.

Features Of Facetime :

When we talk about its feature then it has some really awesome features some of them are as follows :

  • It supports Picture in picture view.
  • It has an option of using both rear and front camera as well as portrait and landscape mode.
  • Support HD video calls. (only if your device should have a good camera)
  • It supports group video call.
  • A user can add up to 32 people in Group Facetime.

And many more.

Now maybe you want to use Facetime app for pc, But not sure how? Chill out, because we are going to show you an easy method through which you can use Facetime on Windows. Additionally, we will also describe its setup tutorial. So let’s move to FaceTime for MacOS first.

Using Facetime On macOS :

FaceTime On The MacBook

If you want to use Facetime on Mac computer then just follow these basic steps. Since Mac already has built-in Facetime in it so the only thing you will need is an internet connection and an apple id. If you don’t have Facetime in your Mac then you have to install it manually. So lets jump right into steps to set up Facetime in Mac.

1. First of all, launch the Facetime app. If you are unable to find it then press Command+Space on your keyboard and then type Facetime.

2. Now if Facetime service is disabled then Turn it On by pressing Turn On button.

3. On the next screen, you need to enter your apple id and password so just input them and sign-in with it.

4. Wait for a while and then fill out details if it asks for any.

5. Now you may have an option to choose the email address for the incoming calls. Select any of these or you can also choose multiple addresses.

6. After finalizing everything you can set up some settings on your account for video calling.

That’s all now you can enjoy video calling through Facetime with your loved ones.

Now below are some steps to use Facetime for Windows. Just follow all steps correctly.

Facetime For PC (Windows 10/8/7) :

Facetime For PC

As we already said that officially there is no Facetime service for Windows users. Apple exclusively made Facetime service for iOS and macOS users. However, we have one method which can sort out this issue. By using this method you can easily use the Facetime app on your PC. For this, you will need an iOS Emulator like ipadian. So let’s begin this process to install Facetime for PC.

1. First, check your internet connection because we will require it for this process.

2. Now Download the emulator. Ipadian is an emulator through which you can run the iOS applications in PC without any issue. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

4. After downloading it in on your windows simply install it. Once the installation process finishes, launch the ipadian.

5. Now after opening it you will need to enter your apple id or you can create a new one.

6. Next, you will need a Facetime APK file. You can find it on the internet easily. Find it and download it.

7. After finishing the download operation, open your Facetime file in the ipadian emulator.

Finally, you will be able to use Facetime on your windows. Just follow all these instructions that we have mentioned above. Now enjoy using Facetime on windows computer.

After all, if you want to run Facetime on your Pc just use our method. Although, there are many alternatives to the Facetime app which you can use for Windows.


Thus, this article was all about Facetime for PC. We covered the method of installation and setting up of Facetime on macOS as well as on Windows. As we told earlier that it was made exclusively for iOS and macOS platforms so officially it is not available for Windows users. We made this guide for all those people who wish to use Facetime. Moreover, we have seen that using it on macOS is quite simple and straightforward. But on the other end, you may need to use some tactics to use it on Windows.

Therefore, we recommend you to use alternative software of Facetime. Some of the best alternatives for Facetime are Skype, Zoom, IMO, and Google Hangouts. Lastly, Facetime is a great app for all the iOS users but if you are not an iOS user you should always go for its alternatives. We hope this article sort out your problem. Thanks for reading it.